REGI…was the runt of the litter but in no time at all with extra baby-food and kitten formula
caught up with brothers in size and stamina.

Orphaned and hand-raised by attentive foster-mother, these kittens really are
specia and are part of our Kitten Companion Program. These are affectionate lap kittens. If you are a committed cat-lover that desires a close connection with your cat and has the necessary time available for such a relationship – HERE HE IS!!!

Although loves to run, romp and wrestle, he also wants to spend time in your lap
looking into your eyes, giving cheek and nose nudges/kisses. (Perhaps it’s so
you’ll remember his favor snacks of Temptation Treats and tiny bits of cheese :^)

Their sweet, affectionate human-oriented disposition is matched only by their
sleek, soft fur and beautiful oriental body type, ie large ears and long-legged

Of course they are perfectly litter-trained (love a clean box) and have had their
nails clipped several times since 9 weeks so (as cats go) very easy to do.

Experienced foster-mother says that she’s really never seen such behavior of an entire litter of kittens and more than hopes that their new adoptive person understands cats and can appreciate what a unique treasure these little dears present.

Can only travel to new home in a pet carrier so please bring with you. Do
hurry – as of this writing one has already been adopted by his new and delighted
cat-loving family. Looking forward to your call.