Tula Faye

Tula Faye

At 7-weeks old – TULA – this precious little darling was found and brought home
by a big, gentle dog! She has been in a foster home has spent the past several
weeks as the “little sister” of an older litter of all boys. Although the foster-mom was concerned that the bigger kittens may be too rough with the younger and much smaller little girl – Tula not only survived…she thrived.

She is part of our Kitten Companion Program and is a very affectionate lap kitten.

You see, little Tula has got “Tude” and very quickly she was in-charge”. It is
just hilarious to she her dive into the kitten srestling matches and put the boys
on the run. However, when all settles down – her soft, sweet, purring little self leaves her beloved adopted brothers and seeks the comfort of lap-time.

This exceptionally cute, sweet baby girl with the big personality likes to sit up on her
back legs when being given treats (she loves Tempation Treats and adores
bits of sliced cheese). Sometimes she hops across the floor on her hind legs as
she goes into to jump on her brothers during mock-kitten-battles. Often you can
see her sitting back and assessing the situation, planning her attack before she

Maybe it’s because she arrived in a dogs mouth but she is definitely the most fearless and smartest of her adoptive litter mates and she will be a sweet,
loving and entertaining addition to the life of her new loving adoptive person (s).

Must have a pet-carrier to take her home so don’t forget yours! We are so
looking forward to your call.