Please read description completely:

Like other animal rescue groups We do not adopt PET companion rabbits to outdoor homes , these rabbits are used to living inside. These particular rabbits would probably not be good with children.

We have a application and again, like other rabbit rescues we ask for a picture of the room/area you have prepared for them inside your home. They need to have an area that they can run and play in.

All rabbits are spayed/neutered and have been seen by a veterinarian. We have a $50 adoption for rabbits. Again these are pet rabbits and have been fully vetted. These rabbits would not be good with small children as they are still a bit shy and are not really that interested in being held but they are young and that will probably change.

These rabbits are litter box trained and are used to being inside and having room to run and play. If you look at the house rabbit society there are lots of great ideas for how to create roomy rabbit habitats within your home . They love treats and Timothy hay. They are shy but we figure they will warm up once in a home. They will need to be a indoor home with someone willing to be patient with them. Rabbits can live up to 12 years and do like to chew. While they are great companions please do research into the care the require. Right now they just love to run and play with their siblings.